Exterior Commercial Painting Ideas: 5 Ways to Incorporate Utah’s Natural Beauty Into Your Business

Exterior commercial painting examples of storefronts

Utah has an exquisite charm that everyone can use as their exterior design inspiration. It has an endless blueprint, from the vibrant colors of the desert to the majestic mountains. Utah’s government is rich in updated and accessible historical teaching materials so that you can view and understand its beauty.  

Join us as we explore why and how referencing Utah’s natural beauty in exterior commercial painting and design is the key to propelling your business to new heights.

Why Emphasize Utah’s Natural Beauty in Your Exterior Commercial Painting?

All the answers rely on these two fundamental things: Harmony and uniqueness. 

Your commercial space will look its best when you learn how to build it harmoniously with those around it. At the same time, your establishment will stand out because of the new beauty you allowed it to have.

To blend in and stand out may sound like a paradox. But the truth to success lies in appreciation. These include natural resources that helped you stand over the years. 

And natural resources are not only landscapes; they are also the people. That’s why hiring local exterior house painters with the best credibility is best when doing Utah-inspired projects.

Let us explore four key strategies to elevate your commercial space’s curb appeal and establish an inspiring connection around or within it. 

Observe And Connect With People And Surroundings

Silhouette of people in jump shot facing the golden sunlight.

To truly incorporate the authentic beauty of Utah into your exterior design, it’s essential to observe, listen, and connect with the people and surroundings that make this place unique. 

It is a process that goes beyond mere data gathering or market research—it requires genuine passion and care.

You can’t simply connect for the sake of securing and making your business look better. You would want to help those people around you through your company. One way it happens is by being sustainable in your approaches and being fair to your team. 

It includes caring for everyone’s environment, particularly its safety, beauty, and comfort. We all know that a well-designed business can increase customer attraction, loyalty, and even to the employees!

Choosing Natural Palette For Exterior Commercial Painting

Men discussing and pointing to colors during paint color consultation

Utah’s diverse geography offers a rich palette of colors to draw inspiration from when selecting the perfect hues for your space’s exterior. 

Embrace anything, from the warmth of the desert to the coolness of the lakes and mountains. You can choose from earthy tones like terracotta, sandy beige, olive green, and deep browns. Or you can pick cool tones like lavender, blues, aqua, grays, and more. 

These colors blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings and evoke a sense of tranquility and groundedness. Remember to check the architectural style of your space when choosing the ideal color scheme. 

Plus, you can bring these natural palettes inside your commercial space or home. You can explore our complementary blog on interior house painting color palettes for inspiring examples that apply to any area.

Add Relevant Murals 

Commercial mural wall with blue and white theme mountain design.

Incorporating relevant murals into your interior or exterior design can add a unique and meaningful essence to any space, from home to business. Murals not only serve as decorative elements but also have the power to convey messages and tell stories. 

These murals can showcase iconic Utah landscapes, local wildlife, or cultural elements. These will further emphasize your connection to the region and add a distinctive touch to your exterior design. Plus, you can create a captivating experience for visitors and passersby. 

You can commission local artists or explore existing mural installation companies. Local professionals know how your establishment can capture the attention of most Utah locals and even tourists!

Incorporating Real Raw Materials And Staining Them

Staining a wooden deck with a red staining pad

Effortlessly incorporate Utah’s beauty into your commercial space using raw materials accents. These can be wood, stones, and metals. 

Use them in your veneers or cladding to create stunning accent walls, pillars, or foundation facades. The textured surfaces and earthy tones of natural materials add visual interest and lend an air of authenticity and durability to your establishment. 

You can opt for either a rugged elegance or sleek sophistication. Plus, you can create a lasting impression on raw materials by professionally coating or staining them. 

Stains on raw materials can be a sustainable approach as it helps preserve the materials and reduces the need for frequent replacements. That means you support the Utah environment but also provide long-term cost savings.

Add And Care For Native Foliage

Woman who wears a brown apron and silver rings seen holding the leaf of the yucca plant which is local to Utah.

Transform your exterior commercial space into a vibrant oasis by incorporating native plantings that thrive in Utah’s climate. Drought-tolerant plants conserve water and add visual interest and natural beauty to your landscape. 

Consider planting sagebrush, yucca, juniper, and wildflowers to create a tapestry of colors and textures. These plants are well-adapted to Utah’s arid conditions and require minimal maintenance. They are ideal for space owners or managers seeking to create a sustainable and visually stunning outdoor space. 

Note that native plants can attract local wildlife. You can use this to enhance ecological diversity and create a more immersive experience for customers and visitors. For safety concerns, you can secure your space according to the recommendations of an expert.

Plus, expert painters provide low-VOC non-toxic, or safe paints for plants, animals, and customers.

Utah’s Natural Beauty Paints A Lasting Impression for Your Business and Community

Utah’s natural beauty has the power to create a lasting impression. Doing the methods above will help you elevate your brand and foster a sense of pride within your local community in Utah.

But again, remember that design goes beyond superficiality. To ensure the sustainability of your approaches, you must have a professional exterior commercial painting company in Salt Lake City and nearby areas. Save and do more by trusting only the right people for your space needs.