When it comes to keeping your home fashionable and up to date, it’s essential to stay informed on the latest painting trends. From minimalistic tones to vibrant shades, the colors you pick for your walls can set the mood for your entire home. This article will guide you through the most popular painting trends in interior design for this season, ensuring your abode remains the epitome of style and sophistication.

painting trends in 2023

Painting Trends – The Perfect Blend of Aesthetics and Functionality

One of the hottest painting trends is the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Neutral tones have made a comeback, but with a twist. Think of whites, beiges, and greys combined with textures. Expert painters in Salt Lake City report an increase in demand for textured finishes like stucco or distressed paint. These finishes add depth and character to neutral shades, making them anything but boring.

Vibrant Color Pop: The Trend for the Brave

Another of the painting trends gaining popularity is adding vibrant color pops to your interior. By incorporating bold colors like tangerine, cobalt blue or hot pink, you can make a statement with a single wall or a piece of furniture. These hues are perfect for creating focal points in your space and evoke a sense of energy and creativity. It is not surprising that expert painters in Salt Lake City are stocking up on these bold colors.

The Return of Wallpaper

You might think wallpaper is a thing of the past, but one of the current painting trends is actually the revival of wallpaper. Today’s wallpapers are much more sophisticated and come in a myriad of designs. From subtle textures to bold prints, you can find a wallpaper that suits your style. It’s even possible to combine paint and wallpaper for an eclectic look. Consult expert painters in Salt Lake City for advice on pairing paint colors with wallpaper patterns.

Earth Tones and Sustainability

Painting trends are leaning towards sustainability, and earth tones are stealing the spotlight. Colors like sage green, ochre, and terracotta not only bring warmth to your interiors but also create a natural and serene environment. These colors are often made with eco-friendly paints that have low VOCs, which are better for the environment and your health.

The Rise of Metallics

Adding a touch of luxury to your interiors is now easier than ever with the rising trend of metallic paints. From gold and copper to silver and bronze, metallics are making their way into modern homes. These paints can be used for accents or on entire walls to create a luxurious atmosphere. Combining metallics with textured finishes is one of the painting trends that is set to redefine elegance.

The Blurred Line Between Indoor and Outdoor

Bringing the outdoors in is one of the freshest painting trends. Colors that reflect the natural world help in blurring the lines between your interior and exterior spaces. Using similar colors on your patio as inside your living room, for example, creates a seamless transition between the two areas.

Palette of Thoughts: Wrapping it Up

The world of interior design is ever-evolving, and keeping up with the latest painting trends is essential for a stylish home. From the return of wallpaper to the use of earthy tones, there’s something for everyone. Whether you prefer a neutral and textured look, or want to make a bold statement with vibrant colors, the painting trends for this season cater to diverse tastes and styles.

As you consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint, remember to consult professionals for the best results. The expert painters in Salt Lake City are equipped with the know-how and tools to make your painting dreams come true.

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