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Certificate of Insurance
Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing

License & Insurance

Division of Occupational & Professional Licensing
Certificate of Insurance

SwiftHand Painting’s 5-year Warranty

We are confident our warranty will never have to be used because our Workmanship & Quality is that good!

This Warranty is Unconditional Protection against peeling, flaking, bubbling or poor workmanship, and if for any reason you feel that there is a warranty issue, just call us at 385-438-4797 and we will take care of it quickly.

Subject to the limitations set forth below, This limited warranty does not cover:

  • Any work where the contractor did not supply the paint or other materials.

  • Any work which was not performed by the contractor.

  • Any damage or defects caused in whole or in part by reason of fire, explosion, flood, acts of God, extreme weather conditions, color fade, misuse, alterations, abuse, vandalism, negligence, or any other similar causes beyond the control of the contractor.

1-Year warranty on the following:

  • Metal painted
  • Fences painted

  • Pergolas stained
  • Decks stained
  • Rocks painted

  • Playgrounds stained
  • Wood siding

That’s it! Short sweet and no political or legal speech loopholes…

We are that good. Our Workmanship is clean & completed with Excellence & we only use the best Sherwin Williams & Benjamin Moore Paint Products.